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Phototype 5 - Dark - For light brown hair and skin but that tans easily - For dark hair and skin With NOT NANOMATERIALS SUNSCREENS The low protection factor, SPF 6, is suitable for those with skin that tans easily without problems but, like others, is exposed to the silent aggressions of the sun. The formulas, thanks to the balanced blend of complimentary, wide range, photo-stable UV filters, stay active on the skin longer, ensuring all round protection from the undesired effects of the sun and skin aging. The SUNTAN MILK SPF 6, moisturizing and velveting, prevents sun damage through - an Innovative filtering system that is both efficient and photostable, to not only avoid sunburn (UVB) but also reduce the risks of premature skin aging (UVA) - Cellular Repair that protects the skin’s surface from infrared rays, neutralizing the free radicals they emit. easy to apply fresh, light and pleasant to the touch soft and delicate on the skintakes care of the skin while bringing out the utmost tan. The formula is enhanced with the antioxidant and anti-free radical properties of Watermelon and Raspberry oils as well as Vitamin E that protect the skin from the degenerative processes of aging while Walnut husk and Karanja oil enhance the tan.

Helan Vogliadisole Suntan Milk SPF6

SKU: 76L6
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