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About Us


Committed to scientifically sound products that not only work far better than any competitor, Our Product line ONLY chooses products that have been formulated with respest for nature and environment, using the bast nratural and organic ingredients.  
Further committed to keep low quality ingredients out of the formulation.  Ingredients are chosen for their effectiveness NEVER off of their ability to remain on the shelf or create an unnatural color that has no other purpose than to look good on a shelf.

Employeeing formulated with PHD's specifically in personal care formulation assures that the quality of the products are second to none with a market full of formulators with no knowledge on the chemical, mechanical and metabolic actions of the skin layer.  Assuring that we sell products that work and DO NOT interrupt the hydrolipid layer of the skin, THAT do not block cellular respiration and transfer, assure proper product penetration WITHOUT chemical penetration enhancers, and NEVER affect the skins natural pH (which is not only known to accelerate the aging process, it can leave the skin far more open to sun damage including cancer). 

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