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"Color-protect nourishing treatment"


The innovative formula of this “Non-Foaming” Re-acidifying Shampoo-Cream, SLS, SLES and colorings free, is particularly delicate, so as not to deplete the hair fiber and not to lift the cuticle scales, which is what causes the color “to fade away” during washing.
A complex of lipopeptides derived from Bamboo proteins uses its natural strength to form new self-assembling cuticles on the hair, offering effective protection against “aggressive styling treatments”, while the Pomegranate extract, featuring protective and anti-oxidizing properties, a gluconamide derivative and sweet Almond proteins, with their revitalizing action, help capture and retain the hair color inside the hair fiber, creating strong ionic bonds between coloring agents. In addition, Flaxseed oil smoothens and softens the hair fiber, from roots to ends, for increased softness, shine and silkiness. The Grapefruit extract, naturally acidic, allows to remove alkaline residues left by aggressive hair products, such as decolorants, dyes and perms: it smoothens and seals the cuticle scales, resulting in a more intense and uniform light reflection.

Reacidifying Bio Shampoo

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