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A sophisticated, discrete perfume that is extremely feminine and shows its delicate, refined features in the rare floral top notes which burst into a precious and voluptuous floral bouquet: Florentine Iris and French Violet blend together harmoniously with green Iranian Ferula and Mastic tree. The sensual heart of the fragrance, powdery and exhilarating, develops into a soft caress thanks to the exclusive Somali Incense, paired with the strength of Cedar wood and the exotic elegance of Haitian Vetiver. The middle notes are completed by the unexpected freshness of the Moroccan Orange blossom. Lastly, the base notes expand through the seductive and magnetic feel of White Moss, while sensual drops of Madagascar Vanilla dissolve in the embracing creaminess of velvety balms and aromatic wood scents to celebrate the sensuality of the chypré notes of the Iris rhizomes. THE FRAGRANCE BECOMES ONE WITH THE SKIN, ALMOST SUBSTITUTING ITS NATURAL SCENT WITH ITS DISCRETE PRESENCE.

Helan Giardini Secreti Polvere d'Iris (Iris) Eau de Toilette

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