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"Tames the hair, improves combability and allows to achieve soft and elastic curls, that are perfectly defined."


With its very rich but light texture, it repairs the hair and envelopes it into an elastic film that protects the shaft and provides vitality, support and shine, without adding weight.
The Brazilian Nut oil and Mango butter perform an effective restructuring action that delivers nourishment, hydration and silkiness to even the most damaged and stringy hair while the oil extracted from Amaranth seeds, rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and squalene, controls excess humidity, prevents frizz and preserves the hairstyle at its best for longer, including in adverse environmental conditions.
A plant-based biodegradable polymer obtained from Rapeseed and Tung (Chinese wood) and Soja specific phospholipids, cover and smoothen down the hair cuticle, ensuring that the hair remains naturally manageable, including in conditions of high humidity, while from sweet Almond and Moringa proteins, protect the hair with an effective detangling action.
By eliminating electrostatic charges, this Detangling Mask ta