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Baby Care
Silky, incredibly smooth and firm... these are the features of baby's skin. It needs special attention and treatment due to the young structure which is still developing. Avoid exposing baby’s skin to the sun. When games at the beach do begin, remember to expose baby’s skin gradually, always protecting it with specific sun filters, with delicate, natural, non-irritating substances, void of synthetics, to snuggle and care for baby's delicate skin. This aids in proper skin development and strengthening because its physiological and histological features are different from adult skin: • the horney layer is thinner; • in the basal layer of the skin, cells that produce melanin are in lower quantity with consequent lower natural protection from the action of UV rays; • the deeper skin layer is more sensitive, with smaller, more immature collagen and elastic fibers; • the sebaceous glands are poorly active (the skin is odorless) and will remain like that until puberty.
LINEA MAMMA Pre/Post Natal Care
9 months of expecting… an occasion to take care of yourself before and after birth… naturally with HELAN Expecting is a magical period of time in which a woman takes on a new sense of self, seeing herself in that upcoming event that will enhance the very heart of her family circle. The Linea “snuggles for 9 months” has been formulated to help the skin best adjust to the changes linked to pregnancy and breastfeeding and has placed safety at the heart of its research by carrying out: • a careful Selection of a restricted number of raw materials to avoid any kind of risks • meticulous Formulas to harmonize the synergetic effects of active ingredients • scrupulous Production to ensure product purity and stability A complete line of products with the most updated formulas to prevent and reduce blemishes as well as regenerate and tone the skin all over the body, so you can live your pregnancy like a fairy tale.
Foot Care
he feet are perhaps the part of our bodies which we value the least as they do not express emotions or moods as the eyes, do not capture a smile or have the particular power of attraction that other body parts might have, but they are untiring, silent workers from which our life style depends. Traditional Chinese medicine considers the feet as a second heart considering its venous pumping actions, that allows us to stand up straight, walk, run, jump, dance…and upon which a great amount of the health and wellness of our quality of life depend. It is therefore worth dedicating some simple care feet, to help them deal with fatigue and keep them working their best.
Mosquito Line
THE MOST NATURAL PROTECTION: EFFECTIVE AGAINST INSECTS DELICATE ON THE SKIN An original line of products to avoid the most annoying aggressions, in particular those of mosquitoes which are particularly virulent in Summer. Used as a method of prevention they reduce the risk of insect contact and, applied after a bite, they soothe irritation. ALSO SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN
Home Fragrances
Open the door home atmosphere welcomes us Open the door to this innovative box and steep in the poetic images of nature that are shaped by the evocative scents. Nature gives us the great gift of a kaleidoscope of fragrances, smells that come from and live in the environment around us, defining it with their scents. We can recognize infinite varieties of plants, flowers, fruits and resins that influence our way of being, our moods. Research, innovation and the wholesome love of tradition are the tell-tale signs that complete HELAN’s Home Fragrances.
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